The Cushion Cut Diamond Has A Place In History And Makes For A Great Engagement Ring

Posted at April 4th, 2014

A cushion cut engagement ring is a wonderfully romantic choice for a diamond engagement ring. It recalls the bygone era of the Victorians, when the cushion cut was the most popular cut for diamond rings.

It’s among the oldest of the brilliant diamond cuts, and many historically famous diamonds have this shape. The famed Hope Diamond is an antique cushion cut diamond.

In official terms, a cushion cut engagement ring is a brilliant, fancy cut. It’s shaped like a square or a rectangle with rounded corners, similar to a pillow, and is also called pillow cut and old-mine cut. A cushion cut diamond has an open cutlet (facet on the bottom of the diamond) and large facets that highlight the luster of the diamond, making it look shiny and polished.

These large facets make clarity particularly important because they reveal inclusions. Inclusions are flaws, like foreign materials or cracks, which can be found in varying degrees in all except the most flawless of diamonds. Greater clarity means fewer flaws.

Cut is another important consideration in cushion cut engagement rings. Cushion cut diamonds can look less brilliant and fiery than other brilliant diamonds, so they must be carefully cut to maximize brilliance.

Watch out for a diamond that is too deep or too shallow. Too much or too little depth, which is the length from the crown (top) to the cutlet (bottom), will mute the brilliance of the diamond and make it look like it has fewer carats than it actually does.

Keep these considerations in mind, and you’ll find the perfect cushion cut engagement ring. The beauty and history of cushion cut engagement rings make them perfect for those who long for a diamond engagement ring that is unique and romantic and that has true vintage style.


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Stand Apart From The Rest With An Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Posted at March 7th, 2014

An Asscher cut engagement is slightly less common than others. Its unique and beautiful qualities make for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Asscher cut engagement rings have shown up recently in film and on celebrities, like Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Alba, which has increased their popularity.

This cut of diamond features a stair-step cut, unlike the cut of a round (brilliant cut) diamond. It is a little easier to see imperfections in this type of diamond. From above, they look a tiny bit smaller than other kinds of diamonds. They make up for it, however, in depth and sparkle. Diamond engagement rings are made to catch the eye.

The shape of an Asscher cut diamond is square, with angled edges. It is cut like an emerald cut diamond, only square. Asscher cut engagement rings might feature the diamond alone, or with other stones. These other stones are typically diamonds.

An engagement ring design often aims to create a piece that is unique. The Asscher cut engagement ring is unique due to its vintage appeal. Weddings are often filled with the latest and most innovative designs, which can be exciting. There is something graceful and pleasing about a design reminiscent of times past, though.

A visit to a jeweler will give you a better look at Asscher cut engagement rings. By trying on a variety of them, brides will see which they like best. It is good to keep an open mind before going. Asscher cut diamonds look striking in person, so designs seen online or in magazines will look even better on the finger. The setting of the diamond will also affect its appearance and wear ability.

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings have become popular in recent years, for good reason. Their classic charm pleases the eye and looks romantic. Try one on to its beauty for yourself.


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Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Shine Bright

Posted at February 5th, 2014

One of the most popular diamond cuts is the round brilliant cut diamond. The way the stone is cut allows for maximum light return through the top while its shape allows great brilliance. This popular shaped of diamond consists of 58 facets. It also tends to be the most expensive diamond on the market.

For the bride-to-be there are many choices when it comes to engagement rings. A diamond engagement ring is a very popular choice. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Also consider the fact that an engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of your love and commitment to marriage the rest of your lives. It is common to wear an engagement ring together with a wedding ring. Keep that in mind when choosing a style of ring.

There are many choices when it comes to diamonds since they come in many shapes, sizes and cuts. If you’ve always dreamed of a diamond engagement ring, consider a round brilliant cut engagement ring. If you’re looking for the ideal cut in a diamond ring, consider the exquisite round brilliant cut engagement rings. These rings are cut to maximize the diamond’s brilliance making them catch light and sparkle.

Another added benefit to the brilliant cut diamond is the fact that there are many mounting styles it pairs well with. Be sure to ask your jeweler to show you additional styles that will compliment your round brilliant cut engagement ring. After all your engagement is a special occasion so it’s only fitting your engagement ring be just as special.


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For An Oval Shaped Cut Consider the Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Posted at December 10th, 2013

The Marquis diamond cut, also known by its original 18th Century name as the “Navette,” is a semi-pristine cut set aside for irregular diamonds which are just under grade for top tier rounds. The Marquise cut engagement rings are characterized by uniqueness in the family of diamonds that are known teardrops, or water drops. Over the past three hundred years, jewelers have set these immensely popular gems as earrings and necklace pinnacles, but recently they have gained popularity as show pieces of finger jewelry.

Technically, the Marquise cut engagement ring is a great cut to show off high depth along with crown height. Most Marquise cut engagement rings have gems too large to be considered melee’, but just small enough to be used as highlight stones instead of centerpieces. They are oval at their core, but naturally shaped to take on the expert coaxing to a sharp point. Perfectly round diamonds are rare and melee’ can hardly be used to impress. For this reason, Marquise diamond engagement rings have perhaps been used in more cross-class fashions and jewelry sets than any other cut.

Marquise cut engagement ring’s designs are traditionally cut on teardrop, or oval-shaped gems honed to a point on either end. After intricate and geometrically creative facets originating at either a small frontal table, or a singular façade point, the Marquise cut engagement ring can appear to be an incredibly intricate and artistically complicated stone with obvious character identifiers of the gemologist who created it. Even with thin, sharp and busy facets, Marquise cut engagement rings inherently retain extreme displays of symmetry and prominent crown height even if top radiant grade is never achieved. The best part of the Marquise style is that there are rarely any noticeable dead spots on the face of the gem, and it can be inlayed into a band of any precious metal including yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

Marquise diamond engagement rings are best used for engagements because they are a classic example of an intermediary gem. Just as the engagement is the prelude to matrimony, so Marquise cut engagement ring diamonds are a prelude to truly unparalleled and immaculately rated diamonds used for a permanent wedding band. Nothing heightens the anticipation like a tour through the best that diamonds have to offer!



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A Quality Radiant Cut Diamond Shines Bright

Posted at November 27th, 2013

A radiant cut engagement ring is a favorite of many women. The originator of the radiant cut was Henry Grossbard. He created this cut in 1977. His first radiant cut diamond had 61 facets. The newer ones now have as many as 70 facets. The radiant cut diamond engagement ring is a square-shaped diamond that has rounded corners. What makes this cut so unique is that it resembles the emerald cut, but the many facets and clipped corners give it the sparkle and fire of a round brilliant cut. In other words, the radiant cut is a combination of the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut. Radiant cut engagement rings look stunning on the hand.

The best quality radiant cut diamond engagement rings to look for are the ones that reflect the most light and radiance. Radiant cut engagement rings should never be dull looking. If the jeweler shows you a less than radiant diamond and tells you it’s a radiant cut, pass it up. It’s a poorly cut diamond and not worthy of consideration. The more brilliant the diamond is, the better the cut. It takes a skilled diamond cutter to create the best radiant cut diamond. If you are looking for a gorgeous solitaire ring, the radiant cut engagement ring is an excellent choice. A three stone setting in white gold or platinum is another great choice.

A radiant cut engagement ring is one of the most admired engagement rings, guaranteed to impress your beloved for many years to come. Diamond engagement rings need to have regular yearly cleanings to keep their shine. Radiant cut engagement rings will continue to sparkle and shine when taken care of properly. The radiant cut diamond engagement rings guarantee to please any woman who loves sparkle and radiance today.


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The Princess Cut Engagement Ring Offers a Square Diamond

Posted at October 8th, 2013

Finding the one was easy now here comes the fun part, shopping for engagement rings. The search for the perfect engagement ring is a process that should be well planned. There is an array of different diamond engagement rings to choose from. An engagement ring should reflect the bride’s personality and personal style. No two diamond rings are alike. As a consumer it is important to shop with proper knowledge about princess cut engagement rings.

The quintessential look of romance and elegance, the princess cut is one of the most desired looks. The appearance of the princess cut engagement ring is a square diamond. Originated in the 1960’s, this form of cut is considered to be a very contemporary cut. Diamonds are classified according to the carat weight, cut, color and clarity. The princess diamond is tied with the standard round diamond. They have the same amount of facets (58). As a result, a princess diamond’s brilliance picks up a lot of light.

Princess cut engagement rings vary when it comes to size, quality and price. There are choices of metal bands that include: gold and platinum. In addition to metals, you have to decide on a setting. Personal preference and lifestyle will make it easy to decide which setting to choose from. An understated girl would prefer a solitaire (single diamond). Pavee settings are more luxe and would be great for a fashionista. Whether or not to choose a solitaire, slide stone, three stone or pavee setting, there is a ring setting that she is sure to love.

Engagement rings should be unique and reflect her taste. This is a symbol of one’s love and a commitment to spend the rest of their life with that person. A princess cut diamond ring is a sure way to express your affection.


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Make Your Engagement Ring Unique with an Emerald Cut Diamond

Posted at October 1st, 2013

Emerald cut diamonds can be a perfect choice for a diamond engagement ring. Emerald cut diamonds are clean cut into a rectangular-like shape. They are an old fashioned style design which gives them class and elegance. These diamonds have fewer facets, which means that they have to be made with the best and purest diamonds. Having fewer facets means that it is more likely to see any flaws the diamond may have, so to have a good emerald cut diamond you need to start with a great diamond.

Choosing an emerald cut engagement ring can tell a lot about a person, their personality and their preferences. Usually people who choose emerald cut rings like taking risks and doing things a little differently than others. They also enjoy things that are unexpected, and emerald cut diamonds can be quite unexpected. Since most engagement rings have princess or round cut diamonds, choosing an emerald cut engagement ring can really offer something unique and surprising.

Having an emerald cut engagement ring can say a lot about a woman. It usually means that she is very self-aware and knows who she is and what she wants out of life. It can show that she is strong and confident in herself. Emerald cut diamonds can also highlight her elegance with their sleek facets and simple purity.

Emerald cut engagement rings are a great choice if you are looking for something a bit different but still very elegant. They can be a very unexpected surprise because of the difference they offer and their simple design. They can also show a woman that you know a lot about her by picking a diamond that suits her personality perfectly. If the woman does have the personality to fit the emerald cut diamond, then the engagement needs to be something very special and excitingly unexpected.


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Give Her a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring When You Give Her Your Heart

Posted at September 9th, 2013

Heart shaped engagement rings are some of the most romantic diamonds, and also some of the most sought after and brilliant diamonds in the world. This is because of how the diamond is cut, and the magnificent sparkle. It is a modified stone that is magnificent and brilliantly cut, with no less than 59 facets. Its degree of brilliance and fire makes it’s shine and exquisite sparkle sought after as an engagement ring.

For this reason it is one of the most popular and elegant settings that can be found in engagement and wedding rings. The tip of the diamond is often very delicate and jewelers take extra care in setting it. The best settings are those that allow the brilliance of diamonds to shine.

The Bezel setting is good for smaller stones, as is the prong setting. The side stone setting takes a brilliant center diamond and surrounds it with sapphires or rubies. The three stone cut symbolizes the past, present, and future of the couple.

Custom rings are also a wonderful remembrance and keepsake, as well as an unforgettable symbol of love and romance. Many choose to specially design a heart shaped engagement ring through designers and jewelers. Many jewelers have custom galleries for those interested in creating their own rings to get ideas.

Many also offer the option of selecting the diamond and hand selecting the setting, or bringing a special design. Consumers choose the shape, karat, color and clarity of the diamond. Unique settings are then chosen to create a truly unique, one of a kind signature piece, whose unique qualities and unspoken clarity will continue to shine for years to come. No matter if consumers design their own rings, or specially design a uniquely cut, nothing is as romantic as a one of a kind masterpiece, and nothing is as romantic as a heart shaped diamond engagement ring.


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Shopping Promise Rings – Mark Broumand

Posted at January 23rd, 2013

What is a promise ring?

Promise rings are traditionally used to signify a couples commitment solely to one another or any specified promise between friends.  They are worn by men and women who are devoted to staying abstinent before fully committing to their life partner.

If buying a promise ring for yourself, your girlfriend, your friend, your daughter, or your son, the available styles are unlimited.  There is no set standard for what a promise ring looks like.  They will often resemble wedding and engagement rings, being made of quality metals such as platinum or gold.  This ring will be a reflection of your valuable commitment.  It can symbolize any promise between friends or sweethearts to bond friendship, or abstain from any unwanted activity.

As a couple

When a couple chooses to buy these rings together they often do so prior to engagement or in addition to their engagement ring.  A promise ring can be used in lieu of a wedding band as a promise to remain true to one another in any form of commitment.  Both people should fully understand the what the ring means to them as a couple.  The ring would be worn on the left hand ring finger and if applicable, later to be replaced by an engagement and wedding ring.

For families

Many choose to gift a promise ring to their daughters or sons as a mutual understanding of their commitment to postpone sexual activity for after marrying.  Again, both parties should understand what the ring means and how it plays into their beliefs.

If you are buying a promise ring Mark Broumand has a collection to match any style and budget.  Shop online or visit us at our Los Angeles location!

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Shopping for Unique Engagement Rings

Posted at January 22nd, 2013

What makes an engagement ring unique?  At Mark Broumand, we believe it is a colored diamond, expressive setting, or rare diamond cut that brings a unique flair to engagement rings.  Browse our online fashion trends that will have you thinking in new directions for your upcoming engagement!  Below, we are giving you a taste of some of our favorite unique engagement ring settings.

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